terça-feira, fevereiro 14, 2006

Liberdade de expressão...

Davoud Kazemi, who is in charge of the contest, told Reuters that each of the 12 winners would have their cartoons published and receive two gold coins (worth about $US140 each) as a prize.
In Paris, CER President Joseph Sitruk, who is also Chief Rabbi of France, said: "The Iranian regime has plummeted to new depths if it regards the deaths of six million Jews as a matter for humour or to score cheap political points. "



The United States has condemned an Iranian newspaper's plan to hold a contest for cartoons about the World War II Holocaust of Jews.
The paper announced the contest in response to Danish caricatures of the Prophet Mohammed that have outraged Muslims around the world.
State Department spokesman Sean McCormack reiterated U.S. support for freedom of expression, including in Iran, but condemned the Holocaust cartoon contest.
"Any attempt to mock or to in any way denigrate the horror that was the Holocaust is simply outrageous," McCormack said.


PS: Por motivos de coêrencia não os colocarei aqui sem os distorcer- não o fiz com os cartoons dinamarqueses.

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